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ArtOTD: Jeryd Sitting Priddy

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Hi. I'm Mailbox Cancer. That pseudonym doesn't really mean anything. I'm a lot like you: I love anything with four wheels and a seat (sometimes two wheels) and rely on the minds here at Jalopnik to spoon feed me my daily automotive journalism. It's sometimes purely informational, at other times ridiculous asinine garbage, but always colorful and delicious. I'm all about that.


Anyway, I bestow a "hello" gift to you in the form of a #ArtOTD (Art Of The Day) post, which I will do as often as I can/want. This may include works from me and other automotive artists out there intended simply for your viewing pleasure, and sometimes as funtional masterpieces (much like today's iPhone 5 Wallpaper Download, which I think looks pretty snazzy on my phone right about now). If Matt Hardigree and his ilk feel enthused enough to repost any of my visual rantings, nobody goes to jail – unlike Jeryd Priddy. Otherwise, I get to sit and participate in this black hole all alone.

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